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    Park Hyatt Vienna


    1913年,時值資本主義蓬勃發展,歐陸變革之力暗潮涌動,一戰爆發前夕,在維也納的心臟地帶,有一棟建筑卻打下了最初的基石。兩年后,大樓正式誕生,華麗外表內,體格堅實宏偉,仿佛奔向財富不倦的途中一個巨人的身影。 此建筑初為奧匈帝國一家大公司的辦公樓(Lower Austrian Eskompte Gesellschaft),很快又成為帝國的銀行總部,記載了亂世之中金錢與雄心的躁動。


    In 1913, capitalism was booming, and the power of European transformation was surging. On the eve of the outbreak of World War I, in the heart of Vienna, a building laid the initial foundation stone. Two years later, the building was officially born, and the splendid appearance was solid and magnificent, as if it was a giant figure on his way chasing the fortune of wealth. The building was originally the office building of a large AustrianHungarian company, Lower Austrian Eskompte Gesellschaft, and soon became the bank‘s headquarters in the Empire, recording the tumult of money and ambition in troubled times.

    A century passed quietly. The famous city bid farewell to the old empire, and after the war rose and fell, the iron curtain finally came to a halt. The Danube is still shimmering, and the golden hall is full of music, and the old building that has witnessed everything has become the closest nostalgic recognition to people in peacetime. In 2014, Park Hyatt chose this old bank headquarters for its first show in Austria, not only for the beauty of its surrounding monuments, but also for its heavy Vienna charm. The elegance and modesty of the Park Hyatt brand is exactly the same as that of this centuryold building.



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