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    Regent Porto Montenegro







    the Mediterranean Way Of Life

    Regent Porto Montenegro is the only fivestar international property in Boka Bay, in the midst of numerous World Heritage listed sites. The worldclass marina features 250 boat berths. Development is already underway to increase the marina‘ s capacity to 420 berths. All offer good connections for charter and scheduled airlines as well as landing facilities for private aircraft. Helicopter transfer to the marina is also available.

    Within the marina village, guests have access to three outdoor tennis courts for a friendly match or a competitive game. Not to be missed is the 64m infinity outdoor pool and posh lounge bar – Lido Pool, which perches over the tranquil seascape, offering the perfect spot to watch a magnificent sunset. Lido Pool has been voted as one of the best pools in the world for its stylish décor, posh ambience, and simply breathtaking views. All hotel guests have priority access to Lido Pool as well as a secluded beach off the coast of the marina which is accessible only by boat.     

    The terracottaroofed resort was inspired by the Italianate palazzi speckled around Boka Bay, a tribute to the area‘ s 400 years under Venetian rule. Each room provides breathtaking views of the famous Bay of Kotor and the majestic mountains.



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