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    Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam



    于2014年5月4日開業的阿姆斯特丹華爾道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam)





    酒店由倫敦G.A Design設計事務所完成歷史建筑修復,并將現代便利設施運用其中。G.A曾多次主理奢華酒店的設計,深諳低調的奢華考究的雅致,精確捕捉荷蘭在其設計與服務文化中對低調奢華的理解方式,完美彰顯了阿姆斯特丹華爾道夫酒店的獨特氣度。

    阿姆斯特丹華爾道夫酒店俯瞰著這座城市最壯觀的運河建于荷蘭“黃金時代”的紳士運河,臨河而居的六座古雅連棟洋房最早可追溯至1600年,包括546號曾經的阿姆斯特丹市長的家;室內布滿洛可可式繁縟奢華的裝飾,編號為550552的洋房曾是荷蘭名流Hendrick Hooft的居所;而知名藝術家Jacob Maurer在停留阿姆斯特丹期間亦居住在此。設計師依詳實的歷史資料復興了六座洋房,臨河一面可見五扇開窗橫向一次排開,恰是17世紀顯赫人物為彰顯地位與財富常常采用的一種設計方式。臨近,可發現一樓的開窗都非常低矮,這主要是因為當時人們習慣將一樓空間設為臥室,連通地下室(舊時,地下室與閣樓通常都作儲物之用)。與室內功能匹配,建筑的外立面在表現上也別具特色:主樓層的開窗最大,最敞亮,而一樓與閣樓的開窗通常僅有一半大小。同時,每幢洋房外都設有樓梯,直接通往主樓層(而非一樓),并因立面的寬窄,設單面或雙面樓梯。此外,建筑身后巨大的花園及亮麗的園景亦是必不可少的。這些舊時的建筑特色在復現過程中均被一一凸顯。

    Recall “The Golden Age”

    It may be one of the brand‘ s newest properties, not to mention its first in Amsterdam, but Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is deeply rooted in history. Located in a unique neighborhood in the UNESCO area of Herengracht, Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is comprised of six historic town houses, numbers 542 to 556, each with its own fascinating tale dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

    In transforming the houses into what is set to become one of Holland‘ s finest luxury hotels, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts partnered with G.A Design to create a single design vision for the property. Each aspect of Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam reflects understated luxury, from the refined tranquil interiors that reference the canal waters and famous Dutch paintings, to the framed views of the canals and gardens. The atmosphere is authentic and sophisticated, paying homage to the history of the original buildings with modern and refreshing accents. 

    First constructed in the 1600‘ s, the buildings have been home to a plethora of wealthy and influential residents, including the Mayor of Amsterdam at No.546 and Dutch historical figure in No. 556. No‘ s 550 and 552 now contain a brilliant example of Rococo interiors, some of which are attributed to acclaimed artist Jacob Maurer (the Italian room). The magnificent exterior of the six canal side patrician houses has been completely restored and these buildings are soon to be unveiled as the timeless classic, Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. On the approach to the hotel, guests are greeted with the ”Five Window” design, a sign of great wealth and affluence during the 17th century. The first floor was used for bedrooms. On the other hand, the basement was used for storage, as was the attic. This use of the houses had its influence on the facades of the houses: the windows of the main floor were high, those of the first floor were lower. Almost all houses had a staircase in order to enter directly on the main floor and skip the basement. Behind the house large gardens were obligatory. 



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