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    Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong


    新加坡首家英迪格酒店擁有131 間設施完善的精品客房,成功將現代高層建筑與當地遺產建筑完美融合。

    英迪格品牌主張與鄰區多彩斑斕的本土文化相得益彰,新加坡英迪格酒店的設計靈感就來源于底蘊深厚生動迷人的娘惹(土生華人)文化。酒店前臺獨具特色的藝術壁畫由復雜精細的娘惹陶瓷圖案拼接而成,色彩鮮艷且帶有波普藝術風格的水甕赫然矗立??头康乃囆g壁畫形象描繪了鄰里閑適生活;不時映入眼簾的小雜貨店mama stall 擺放制作精美的手工藝品,不禁把人們帶回到上世紀60 年代那個小攤小販隨處可見的居民村落。

    Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong Located in the eastern region of Singapore, the 131room Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong integrates a modern multistorey building with the architecturally significant heritage building – the former Joo Chiat Police Station, constructed in 1928 and characteristic of government buildings of the time to serve the needs of the surrounding Katong community.

    Incorporating the colourful charm of the surrounding neighbourhood into its architecture and design, Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong features design elements inspired by the rich and vibrant culture of the Peranakans (Straitsborn Chinese). This includes a feature wall at the hotel’s reception comprising a collage of intricate Peranakan ceramic patterns and colourful popart renditions of water jars, art murals in each room that depict the laidback, communal lifestyle of the neighbourhood, as well as a popup “mama stall” reminiscent of small convenience stalls often located in housing estates of the 1960s, displaying local artisans’ crafts in the hotel’s pavilion.



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