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    Rosewood Mayakoba,Mexico


    瑪雅哥巴瑰麗酒店: 加勒比海岸邊的純美居所

    在墨西哥加勒比海度假勝地里維埃拉瑪雅(Riviera Maya)的綠色莽林與純白沙灘之中,有一處遠離塵囂之所,詮釋著世間罕見的奢華與驚世駭俗的魅力,這就是瑪雅哥巴瑰麗酒店。



    當然,瑰麗酒店獨屬的Sense水療是不可錯過的?,斞鸥绨凸妍惥频険碛?2間豪華理療室與8間私人水療套房,環灰巖坑而建?;規r坑由地下水系與淡水洞穴構成,被瑪雅人看作是通往地下世界的神圣入口。Mayan Healing Hands是瑪雅文化中傳統的理療項目,在薩滿道士的引導下,身體情感精神與環境融為一體,達到一種平衡與和諧的狀態。

    瑪雅哥巴瑰麗酒店的18洞高爾夫球場El Camaleón是美國職業高爾夫球巡回賽(PGA Tour)在美加地區以外的首個舉辦地,也是世界級高爾夫大師格雷格諾曼(Greg Norman)贏得桂冠之地。球場景致多樣,蜿蜒穿過熱帶叢林,其中兩個洞口相距加勒比海僅有幾步之遙。揮桿于此,甚是暢快。

    Rosewood Mayakoba: A Pristine Sanctuary by the Caribbean

    Sitting along a milelong arc of white sand with an exotic jungle as the backdrop, a sanctuary shines with stunning natural beauty and pure refinement in Riviera Maya, the famous Caribbean resort in Mexico—Meet the soul captivating Rosewood Mayakoba.

    Rosewood Mayakoba has 130 ultraluxury suites, all of which are strikingly modern in design yet crafted from indigenous materials, and are fused in harmony with the resort’s lush natural surroundings. You can choose to arrive at the suite by an authentic river boat or golf cart where a private butler awaits and welcomes you with a glass of Tequila. Before long, you are completely refreshed without any sign of travel fatigue.

    By the end of 2015, the resort unveiled four new twobedroom Mayakoba Suites, ideal for families and multigenerational travel. The luxurious Beachside Lagoon Suites are outfitted with a twoperson hammock, chaise lounges, and a dining table for a residential feel inside and out. The hotel also features five restaurants offering authentic Mexican food.

    The exclusive Sense, A Rosewood Spa? is not to be missed. This spa center in Rosewood Mayakoba features 12 luxurious lagoonside treatment rooms and eight private spa suites built around a cenote, an underground natural wonder of river systems and fresh water caves that the Mayans consider to be a sacred entrance to the underworld. Mayan Healing Hands is a traditional Mayan holistic healing treatment featuring a shaman guide, designed to interconnect the body, mind, emotions, spirit and environment to heal and restore balance and harmony in one’s life.

    The Rosewood Mayakoba’s 18hole golf course, El Camaleón, is the first golf course to host an official PGA TOUR event outside of the United States or Canada, and it is also where the worldclass golf player Greg Norman won his championship. El Camaleón offers golfers a varied landscape that bends through tropical jungles, even featuring two holes just steps from the Caribbean Sea. Expect an ultimate golfing experience here.



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