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    citizenM London Shoreditch Hotel England


    倫敦東區時尚據點 肖爾迪奇世民酒店



    昂貴的價格超大的房間金碧輝煌的大堂忙碌的前臺和標準化的笑容,世民酒店對所有千篇一律的豪華酒店體驗說“no”。它剔除冗余的服務和所有不必要的物品,從而為價格留下了空間,提供“觸手可及的奢華”?!翱蛻舯旧碚J為重要的都給他最好,這就是豪華?!笔烂窬频陝撧k人及首席執行官拉頓乍得哈(Rattan Chadha)分享了他的理念。酒店把目標客戶稱為“全球移動公民”(Mobile Citizen of the World):獨立尊重不同文化內心年輕,是探索者專業人士和購物者。世民酒店觀察到這些新時代的全球商旅客戶,他們一方面希望有豪華的體驗,另一方面又不想支付過于高昂的價格。酒店最大的特點在于為賓客創建融洽互動的社交場所。

    citizenM Shoreditch是倫敦第一家citizenM酒店。酒店所在的Shoreditch,曾經是工廠遍布的工業區,從1996年開始,成片的工廠建筑被改造為開放式工作室時髦的公寓。大量的藝術展覽館酒吧餐館獨立設計師經營的店鋪,讓這里成了倫敦潮人們的聚集地。

    酒店大廳以家庭客廳為靈感,整個大廳包含工作區用餐區和座椅區。擺放著來自世界各地的藝術品,展示了世界級當代藝術和攝影大師的作品。今年五月,酒店舉辦了一個時尚攝影展,邀請最有名的設計師分享他們的街頭或公共藝術照片。從著名的女裝設計師Eudon Choi到前衛設計工作室RawEdges,客人可以看到不同領域的設計師在公共場所和露天場所發現的美麗和靈感。

    EastEnd Fashion Hub, citizenM London Shoreditch Hotel

    citizenM is a hotel brand with highly innovative concepts, and it stands for the light luxury hotel lifestyle for the smart mobile travelers. Its design concept is to wipe out all invisible cost, and remove all redundancy, to provide supreme enjoyment for the travelers. CitizenM London Shoreditch hotel looks more like a small luxury boutique hotel than a hotel apartment. The hotel brand is famous for revolutionizing luxury hotel, and is very popular among the young people. The hotel has 216 guestrooms. Here, you see beautiful guests, avantgarde art, spacious space, bright and chic restaurants, comfortable rooms, everything catches your eye and gives you a reason to fall in love with.


    Expensive price, super big room, splendid lobby, busy front desk and standardized smiles citizenM hotel has said no to all these luxury hotel experience clichés. It takes away redundant service and unnecessary items, and makes room in price for providing affordable luxury. ”Give the best of what the guests think is important, that is luxury.” The founder and CEO of citizenM hotel Rattan Chadha shared his philosophy. The hotel calls their target clients the ”Mobile Citizen of the World”, a group of people that are independent, have respect for different cultures, young at heart, and are explorers, professionals and shoppers at the same time. CitizenM has made observations of this group of modern global business travelers, and found out that, on the one hand, they wish to have the luxury experience, on the other hand, they do not want to pay for an overpriced room. The most significant feature of the hotel is to create a harmonious social networking environment for the guests.


    citizenM Shoreditch is the first citizenM hotel in London. Shoreditch used to be the industrial area filled with factories. Since 1996, rows of factory buildings were renovated into open studios, fashionable apartments. Large amount of art galleries, bars, restaurants, independent designer boutiques, turn this area into the meeting place of the London hipsters.

    The hotel lobby is inspired by the family living room, which includes working area, dining area and sitting area. Art works around the world exhibit worldclass modern art and photography work. In May this year, the hotel hosts a fashion photography show, inviting the most famous designer to share their street or public art photo. From famous woman fashion designer Eudon Choi to Avantgarde  design studio RawEdges, the guests can appreciate beauty and inspirations discovered by designers of different fields both in public and outdoor space.



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